10 positive effects of technology

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We are living in the age of modern technology. Technology significantly impacts education, communication, healthcare, agriculture, social and personal life. In this article, we will discuss 10 positive effects of technology.

Like everything else, technology has its pros and cons, and the truth is that we cannot go on without it. Therefore, it is crucial to use technology to impact our lives positively. Let’s find out 10 positive effects of science and technology.

Top 10 positive effects of science and technology:

1. Better Everyday Life

Technology is an essential part of our lives. We depend on technology to do almost every task in our daily life. Without technology, we are quite unable to live our lives with ease. 

It is so relevant in our lives that we cannot just think about our lives without it. It has changed our everyday life dramatically. Every sphere of our life has the blessings of technology. 

  • Technology Boost Personal Productivity

With modern technology in everyday life, personal productivity has increased a lot. People can do more work in less time. They can keep track of time using apps on computers or mobile phones. 

The result is less waste of time. Moreover, people can quickly learn anything from the internet and use these new skills in personal and professional life. 

  • Technology Brings New Era of Entertainment

Entertainment is an essential part of our daily life. Like any other aspect of life, technology has changed the entertainment system.

Using modern technology, we can get entertainment right in our homes. We can play video games, listen to music, watch tv and movies right on our computers or smartphones.   

In recent years, virtual reality has been evolving very quickly. 3-D movies, 3-D video games, and the virtual universe has become available for us. With a VR headset, we can explore the virtual world and have an entirely new entertainment experience. 

2. Technology for Better Time management

Better time management ensures the success of our personal and professional life. A good thing about technology is that it offers a better solution for our time management system. Proper utilization of technology in time management can bring us hassle-free life.

We can use time-scheduling apps to schedule our daily routines and add events on a calendar to remember something important. Using Pomodoro apps, we can split our working time into 25/30 minutes segments to make the best use of. 

Moreover, we can use time tracking apps on our phones to keep track of the time we spend using various apps. It will help to reduce time waste and be more productive.  

3. Effective Communication

The field of communication is one of the areas where technology has influenced most. Before, it wasn’t easy to communicate with someone living far away from us. Writing physical letters, faxing, or talking over the phone was the only way to communicate, which was time-consuming.

But, modern technology has replaced these communication systems with more effective and time-saving ways. Email, video calling, and social media have become the primary ways of communication today. 

Let’s learn more about some of the positive effects of technology in communication.

  • Social Media

The revolution of social media has entirely changed our way of communication. We cannot think of a day without social media like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, etc. People use social media both for personal and professional communication. 

We can share our thoughts, ideas, and beliefs with others and learn about social media. People share their lifestyles, memories, and enjoyable moments with family and friends using the social platform.

Besides, people can get updates about political news, weather forecasts, job alerts, blood donation information and enjoy a live performance of various events through social media. Live conversation or ‘Chatting’ is another feature of social platforms to make person-to-person or group conversation. 

Social media brings a great opportunity for people to showcase their talent and get a better job offer from employers through social media.  

4. Advancements in Education

There are many benefits technology has brought in the field of the education system. As a student, you may want to know, ‘How does technology affect your life as a student?’

Students can benefit from using technology in their studies because it helps them access information quickly, learn new topics, and implement them in real life. It enables students to remember new lessons and better comprehend complex concepts more efficiently and enjoyably. 

There are several positive effects of technology on students, especially during this CoronaVirus pandemic. Let’s discuss some of them below.

  • Remote Learning

Remote learning or e-learning has become so popular in the last few years. Technological advancements and the availability of learning devices have made this possible. Especially in the COVID-19 pandemic, the education system has been disrupted badly. 

Students cannot go to schools and colleges. More than 1,600 million students in over 150 countries have been affected by this pandemic. Remote learning technologies help them to continue their study from home. 

Schools and colleges are taking classes and exams online. Students attend live classes from their mobile phones or computers using the internet. Google classroom, Zoom meeting, or other modern technologies play a vital role in ensuring this e-learning process.

  • Multimedia Classroom

The use of multimedia in the classroom ensures quality education for the students. Multimedia such as video, audio, or other visuals helps students better understand the lessons. 

Science, Mathematics, Chemistry, and other complex subjects are hard to understand by reading the textbook. Illustration of these subjects using videography and animation makes it very easy to understand—for example, the working principle of an engine, chemical reaction, the function of the human body, etc.

  • E-Learning Platform

E-learning platforms have grown very popular this time. These platforms provide more accessibility and learning flexibility for students from anywhere in the world. The modernization of the education system offers better learning solutions providing e-learning platforms. 

Students can take courses from world-renowned institutions and universities through an e-learning platform. IBM, Google, Microsoft, and many other world-leading companies offer their teaching courses in these online learning platforms. 

Besides students, people from any class or profession can learn from these platforms, advance their careers, and get better jobs. It eliminates the geological barrier and creates equal opportunity for all.

5. Impacts on Society Life

After reading the discussion above, you may wonder, How does technology affect society?Are there any positive effects of technology in our society? Or How can technology help our society? Let’s find out.

Positive effects of science and technology in our social life are significant in many ways. Technology has a substantial impact on social life. 

It has brought unimaginable changes in the field of social communication. Distance is no longer a barrier to communication.

Technology helps to grow social awareness. People now can engage themselves in more social activities with the help of technology. As a result, social values ​​have increased. We can now help each other very quickly in times of disaster or sudden accident.

There are also a lot of other significant positive impacts of technology on society. People can do more social work through social media like Facebook, Twitter, etc. They can share their happiness and sorrows with others. Besides, they post about the latest news and events happening around them. 

It enables individuals worldwide to come together for great causes like social justice, wealth equality, ensuring basic human needs, and many more. People raise their voices against corruption in business and politics.

Social media spreads information so quickly among users. Acquiring knowledge has become so easy for us. Expressing personal talents and making fan followers is so easy this time. 

Celebrities post their lifestyles and share their thoughts with people using social media. This way, people gain worldwide acceptance and fame. 

6. Medical and Healthcare Sector

The positive effects of technology on health cannot be expressed in a single word. Technology is improving the healthcare system in several ways. For example, online medical records give patients easy access to test results and fill prescriptions with ease. It also helps doctors diagnose and treat patients more effectively.

  • Digital Healthcare Records

Modern technology is helping to replace the old paper-based patient record system with a computer-based digital record system called EHR (Electronic Health Record). It includes a patient’s previous medical record, prescriptions, treatment plans, etc., in a digital format. 

It also keeps records about the patient’s general health-related information, like vaccination dates, sensitivity to radiological pictures, allergies, and laboratory results.

EHR is helpful in many ways. It is a digital system; updates and shares patients’ records with other healthcare organizations, laboratories, or doctors. It ensures cooperation among different organizations and provides better treatment.

7. Technology for Longer and Healthier Lives

A slight fever used to be enough to kill people in the past. Typhoid, malaria, pox, etc. was the common disease that caused millions of deaths every year. People could not get proper treatment or medication. The average lifespan of people was less. 

With the advent of medical technology, vaccines and other medication for the fatal disease have been discovered and curing people fast. Even Cancer, HIV-AIDS, Kidney damage are being treated and cured with the blessings of modern health technology.

The average lifespan of people has increased. With the help of modern medical technology, infant mortality and maternal mortality have been reduced a lot. People now have a healthy and longer life to live.

8. Telemedicine and technology 

In simple words, Telemedicine is a process that allows people to speak with a doctor via digital technology rather than going to a doctor’s chamber or healthcare center. Telemedicine enables us to communicate with a doctor in real-time via video or audio call using a mobile phone, web application, or using email. 

Patients can share their physical conditions, symptoms, medical difficulties, and more with a doctor to get a quick response. Doctors then can give proper advice about the treatment and guidelines for medications. Through Telemedicine, patients get an e-prescription directly on their mobile phone or computer. 

  • Importance of Telemedicine

Telemedicine removes the distance problem. Patients in remote locations who cannot reach a doctor due to distance or poor communication systems can benefit from telemedicine. They can quickly obtain healthcare services by just using their cell phones.

Senior citizens who cannot move and go to healthcare centers in distant locations can benefit from the Telemedicine system and get proper treatment. It saves them from the risk of the journey.

Telemedicine saves both time and money. You don’t need to physically go to a hospital or doctor’s chamber for an appointment; instead, you can consult with the doctor via video or audio calling. It saves your time for the journey, and you don’t need to wait in hospital receptions for your serial.

Telemedicine technologies lower the risk of infectious diseases like the CORONA Virus spreading. COVID-19 spreads through the air droplets. 

If someone sneezes in the air and the droplet from his nose and mouth releases in the air, it spreads so quickly. People staying close to a COVID-19 affected person can easily be affected to Covid-19 by the patients.

People must maintain social distance during the COVID-19 pandemic to avoid the chance of viral infection. In this scenario, telemedicine is a blessing because it eliminates the need to visit the hospital for a doctor’s appointment.

9. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data in Medical Sector

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and big data applications in healthcare are quickly expanding. AI can improve the healthcare system by encouraging preventative medicine and the development of new drugs.

It is possible to find pinpoint treatments for cancer patients using Artificial Intelligence. Besides, many AI platforms like Google Cloud collect, store, and share medical-related information among medical organizations worldwide. It helps to identify diseases more quickly and correctly.

The use of AI and big data in the healthcare system aid in the automation of disease diagnosis and the discovery of disease patterns using large datasets of patient medical reports. 

This system generates automatic medicine recommendations for patients based on AI applications’ medical information.

  • Better Patient Care In Hospitals

The administration system of healthcare centers and hospitals has improved in many ways, including automatic patient registration, maintaining staff duty times, doctor visits, checkups, and other scheduling. 

Modern technology controls timely report delivery, the token system for doctor appointments, and other patient maintenance. This way, patients get proper treatment and better care from the hospitals.

  • Healthcare Apps and Devices 

Healthcare apps and smart devices like smartwatches are top-rated now. They act as a personal health assistant. These devices provide you with real-time information about what’s going on in your body.

For example, Google assistant or amazon’s Siri will provide information about your blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen level, and even your overall physical health condition. All you need is to wear a smartwatch on your wrist, and you are done!

These apps will give you alerts if any dysfunctionality is found in your body, like high blood pressure or unusual heart rate. Moreover, these apps can suggest some medical tips to stay healthy based on your physical condition. 

These apps can also help you record exercises like walking, running, and other physical activities. 

10. Technology in Business and Commerce

Science and technology have become the backbone of every society in today’s world. It has altered the way people live all across the globe. It isn’t easy to imagine life without the most up-to-date technology.

One of the essential issues in a company is data and information security. Business institutes can easily protect their financial data, vital business decisions, and other confidential information using advanced security tools and technology features. This process helps the companies to protect their valuable ideas and business plans from others. 

The use of specialized computer software helps employees do more jobs than manual methods. Companies also use technology to reduce human employees in their workspace to lower the expenditure in production. 

It allows business owners to make more profit. This way, technology increases productivity in the business environment.

Using cutting-edge technology and production machines in mills and factories increases production in less time. Besides, auto machines ensure the finest fittings and polished products. A computerized automation system controls food quality, nutrition, and food safety for better health in food factories. 

Technology improves internal and external communication for business institutes. Information technology is essential for successful internal and external communication. 

It is now simple to communicate among the various divisions of the same organization. It also includes a variety of external communication alternatives, such as email marketing and social media marketing.

Negative Effects of Technology

There are both positive and negative effects of technology. There is no denying that technology has improved our lives significantly. 

However, it has some negative consequences that significantly impact our lives. These adverse effects cannot be overlooked. These are things we should be aware of.

Overuse of technology has a significant negative impact on our sleeping habits. Many of us spend hours on Facebook, chatting on Messenger, and watching videos on YouTube. For younger generations, using social media has become an addiction.

When children use a lot of technology like smartphones, computers, gaming toys, etc., they don’t have enough time to utilize their imagination or read and think carefully about what they’re learning. It results in a lack of social skills.

People are becoming increasingly isolated from social life as they use more and more technology in their daily lives, making it more difficult for family and friends to devote time to them. 

Physical problems like back pain, reduced eyesight, short-time memory loss, etc., can happen due to excessive use of technology. Both for kids and adults, these problems have become severe nowadays. Many social and cybercrime like bullying have increased because of technological advantages. 

Final Words

There you have all the details about the top 10 positive effects of technology. After reading through this article, we hope that you have a better understanding of the impact of technology on various aspects of our lives. Everything has its ups and downs in this world. Technology is no exception. It has opened up a world of possibilities for us. 

It has made our lives better by bringing us happiness, calm, and growth. If we abuse it, it can be destructive in various ways. We should make use of technology in a way that benefits us.

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